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The Ultimate Layering Piece



Nidzign, We are an Indian women’s wear and accessories label focused on the rediscovery and a fresh point of view.

Modernizing the free spirit of a woman who cherishes the intersection of art and fashion. We believe in offering a quality of construction and fascinating artworks that all combine to transform a youthful silhouette in a piece of art, elevating the wearer self-expression.
Our creative process is tactile and intuitive. Every choice that we indulge is conscious one, respectful of origin, maker, and wearer. Find out more about us on Instagram

Shirts & Tunics

Our Shirts and Tunics selection includes our classical shirts. These are beautiful feminine styles with the seasonal colors that just one can’t live without. Shop an oversized shirt and turn it into the summer’s favorite look


Beaded Bralette

What handmade really means is unconditional Love, Talent, Skill, and a heavy dose of Love. We believe in slow fashion which is why we work incredibly hard for each piece with precision as well as the other aspects that go into making your versatile order.

Universal Add-ons

Hand beaded Cuffs

Taste in Adornments- Treated like it is a piece of art. Each Cuff is Hand-Crafted, Limited and perfect add - on accessory for an ordinary shirt to wear as custom bracelets to instantly elevate the entire look and feel.

Forever Special & Seasonless